Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A man lived his entire life just to make himself happy. Because of that, things that didn't cause him pain were of no concern.

People ask him to do things to help them out. They ask him to stop doing things that hurt them. Because he feels no pain, the requests go unanswered. People's situations become desperate and they become frantic in their requests of him, demanding even. This causes him pain and so he grudgingly responds, irritated that his serenity has been disturbed, oblivious as to why the people around him are so angry and hurt by his behavior.

People would talk to him about why they were hurt. That was unpleasant, so he resolved to change. Soon after the unpleasant talks were done, the pain of them disappeared and so, with no pain and nothing else to guide him, he set about his life as before, harming the same people who had ernestly entreated him to not to.

One morning, after talking with one of the people he had harmed, he wakes up and realizes what he's done.

Now what?

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