Saturday, June 13, 2009

Allah Hoo

We sing of Allah who is here and love, always.
The chant rides on the harmonium keening its chord.
We blend and the words, Allah hoo, God is here,
Touch me and the tears run as my voice cracks.

They say who is being sought causes the seeking,
Still I believe in no god, Allah or other.
The universe, vast and amoral embraces us all.
We are stardust and dung because they are each other.

Yet I long for the holy; would I know if it came?
My path seems neither of love nor of service.
I sit on my cushion, sing out to the ether,
Repeating the words of long-dead mystics.

(from a friend in June 2009, written in 1999)

Sun splash, water splash
Greasy white, red turning brown
Shoulders tender: Ouch!

Quiet thoughts, awake
Voice and words, warm evenings
Bright smiles, three days hence.

Wind chimes in the breeze
Now soft, now loud, now silent.
Now, it's always now.

Friends here for four days
gone home; no need to talk more.
Silence, so welcome.

(From a friend, June 2009)

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