Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Grass fell done: quiet
Breathe Bassai in dappled shade
Spinning, blade alone

An attempt at a haiku to capture this moment:

After taking the hour or so the trim the tall stuff that grows around the pond, I was making the walk—a couple hundred yards—back to the house when it occurred to me: Do a kata, right here, right now, while it's so nice out. And so, having not done Bassai Dai—the Shuri Ryu version is a bit different than the Shotokan one shown in Wikipedia—in a few months and missing one move, I performed it again, there in the sunshine-dappled shade, the trimmer laying by the side of the road, its shoulder harness thrown over it. There's a turn where one spins not quite 180 degrees into a stance; I sometimes lose my balance a bit there when I'm out of practice and did this time. That and shoes making my feet heavy on heightened the moment, familiar movements welcoming me back on a beautiful day after a bit of honest work.

My respect for poets grows and grows.

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